The REAL reason we're relocating to Texas!

While there are practical motivations behind my fiance, Eric, and I’s decision to relocate from Illinois to Texas, much of that decision is in lieu of our larger personal ambitions and values.

From a pragmatic perspective, the career outlook for Eric and I is strong in Dallas, as he works in the aviation industry and my background is in business. Careers are seemingly abundant for each of us. In that, several major airlines have hubs at the massive Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and a considerable amount of corporations have flocked to the Dallas area in recent years. Although, my goal is to grow Sarah Faith Photography to become my full time career.

Another advantage of moving to Texas that we value immensely, is that we can work near our jobs and have a minimal commute and affordable housing. That is, in Illinois we’d be paying the same, or likely more, to live an hour away from our workplaces and get less from our housing.

Our biggest hesitation while making this decision was being away from family. Eric is incredibly close with each of his four siblings and his parents, so deciding to move was difficult for him. However, his family has the ability to travel easily and enjoys travelling. Thus, he felt he’d still be able to maintain those relationships even with the distance. While my family is much smaller than Eric’s, me leaving means a quarter of my family is relocating 1,000 miles away—which was difficult for all four of us to adjust to. However, Eric and I are both committed to maintaining our familial relationships and evolving them through this move.

Now—why we REALLY made the decision! Eric and I both value travelling and especially the learning that accompanies travelling. We subscribe to the idea that it is our duty as good humans to see the world. We feel like staying in one place for the rest of our lives is doing ourselves a disservice. Not only do we fear stagnating into conventionality, but crave new experiences and perspectives. While Texas is still within the U.S. and provides several familiar comforts, for us the initial move is invigorating our even BIGGER goals and dreams! Some that include getting rid of everything we own, moving into a van, and travelling the world—yes world, not just country—but more on that another time! ;)

We encourage people who consider moving to do it! Even if it’s only for a short time. Get out of your safe space and LIVE something new! If your’re entertaining some wild ideas to move cross country, or even internationally, know you have a friend in us!