5 Tips on How to Find Your Photographer!!

This one is for all those new moms, new fiancés, graduating seniors, etc. First, let me start off by sending my congratulations to you ALL!! Second, I’d like to offer you this blog post with some tips, tricks, and advice on what to look for when selecting a photographer. I’ll give you a hint, much of finding the right person lies in doing proper research. Trust me, I don’t say this lightly because it can be stressful sifting through everyone and their mother, literally & figuratively, who offer photography sessions these days. Especially if you don’t really know what you’re looking for. But have faith, you’re about to start simplifying your search right now…


1.     Look for someone you’re comfortable with

First and foremost, before booking a photographer—DO YOUR RESEARCH! Channel your inner super sleuth and dive into their website, social media, Yelp page, etc. Does their personality, sense of humor, and values mirror what you’re comfortable with? It’s crucial to hire someone who you “click” with because the more comfortable you are with your photographer the less nerves you’ll have, the less stress you’ll feel, and the better photos you’ll get!

2.     Look for someone who complements your personality

First, do a little honest self-reflection and think about what you’re like in a new, unfamiliar situation. Then consider photographers with traits that balance your personality. For example, if you’re someone who isn’t confident when they hear the word “photoshoot”, look for a photographer that seems welcoming, energetic, and offers pre-session tips & tricks. Or the reverse, if your someone who gets excited at the thought of being in front of the camera, consider a photographer who is laid back. As a laid-back photographer may elicit the quieter, more tender aspects of your personality. You can evaluate photographers by looking at any information they put out about themselves, reading their reviews, or even just chatting with them about what to expect from a session.

3.     Look for someone who gives a personal touch

Most people have photos taken for specific reasons. Often these reasons involve huge life changes—you’re paying a photographer because you’re wanting to remember something really important—make sure they care too. And again, you can learn more about a photographer by researching them, but this step may require more reading between the lines. Look at how they write about their clients, in reviews see if anyone mentions their attentiveness, or notice if they offer anything special with their session to customize it for you.

4.     Look for a photographer with a good sense of humor

There isn’t too much to elaborate on here. Find a photographer who can ease your nerves with a solid sense of humor, because after all, isn’t laughter the best medicine? We’ve all seen photos where people look stiff as a board, laughter will loosen you right up to allow for those natural, beautiful photographs. Added bonus, if you have a vision for candid photos, a photographer who can make you laugh will get you those adorable, genuine photos you’re after.

5.     Look for a photographer who does the type of shoot you want REALLY well

This seems pretty straight forward, but people can get turned around quickly. That’s because clients tend to attach to the first good photographer they find. Which makes sense, they had a great experience and want it again for their next shoot. However, asking your wedding photographer for newborn photos, if that isn’t something they already offer, is like asking your foot doctor to check your ears. Yes, they’re a medical doctor and could probably help you figure out what’s wrong with your ears… but that’s not really their specialty. Same thing with photographers—they could probably do it, but it may not be what they specialize in and they may not deliver the same great results.


Thank you for making time to read this post. Please take with you which ever tips you like and simply leave what you don’t. At the very least, I hope you have a clearer direction for your search. Good luck with capturing such special piece of your story, and congratulations again!!